Our land sales group has a vast amount of experience and has managed the sale of over 300,000 acres of timberland and rural properties. This group has its own website, CompassSouthLandSales.com, which contains the current property listings.

As brokers, we can and will represent buyers or sellers. In either case, our primary role is to listen to our client, so as to understand fully their needs and objectives. From there, we can shape our approach to the transaction, whether, for buyers, it be identifying the appropriate property, determining its value and assisting in price negotiation, or, for sellers, determining the property’s value, marketing it and, again, assisting in price negotiation.

Our clients tend to fall into two categories: those who invest for the longer-term and those who invest ‘opportunistically’. The former will rarely sell their land. The latter will buy and sell at the drop of a hat – if the price is right. Those of our clients who are opportunistic will often rely on us to spot the opportunities. For those long-term investors who decide to sell, the timing is often driven by factors outside pure price optimization. Our involvement is generally in terms of evaluating the property to establish a price and then determining and implementing a marketing strategy based on the property’s size, timber volumes and location.

We use three techniques for selling our clients’ property: private placement sales, which are generally most suited to large tracts and packages of timberland; retail sales, primarily using old-established methods of sign-posting and advertising combined with the use of sophisticated web-based market analysis tools; and, bid-sales, which are usually only used for the very largest timberland packages.