Our appraisal group, under Travis Lee Avant, specializes in timberland, agricultural, and commercial properties. Assisting Travis is a team of appraisers and in-house foresters, based in multiple South Carolina and Georgia locations. The group has its own website, CompassSouthAppraisals.com, which provides a more detailed understanding of the group’s coverage, clients, and specialties.

In establishing Compass South, one of our goals was to create an appraisal group that focused on non-residential rural and commercial properties, thus combining Travis’s exceptional commercial appraisal experience with the extensive timber, recreational and agricultural land expertise of our other partners and our associates. There are very few appraisal companies that seek this kind of specialization and we are proud of being one of the leading such firms in the region. As specialists, we focus on two main categories of property: commercial properties and timber, recreational and agricultural properties- including plantations and other such large-acreage residential estates.

Our appraisal clients fall, roughly, into five categories: banks, TIMOs/REITs, attorneys, conservation groups and, of course, property owners. Our banking clients range from nationwide leaders, such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo, to small community banks, but all of them need reliable value determinations for loan-making purposes. The TIMO and RETS’s rely on independent analysis to assist with intuitional portfolios and long-term investments. The attorneys with whom we deal tend to specialize in either tax planning or trusts and estates. For them, our valuations are needed for such purposes as probate valuation or inter-generational trust allocations. Conservation groups work with landowners, their attorneys, and us to determine the value of donated easements, both for their own purposes and to establish values properly determined in accordance with IRS Treasury Regulations. Finally, our landowner clients normally use us for assistance in valuing a potential acquisition or disposition of a property.

For a partial listing of our appraisal clients, please go to our appraisal group’s website at CompassSouthAppraisals.com.